The best value in Alaska

Petro Star Lubricants is a bulk lube repackaging company offering several product lines – all competitively priced and backed by a commitment to superior service.

As a bulk lube repackaging company headquartered in Anchorage, we import lubricating oils to Alaska in bulk, repackage them in our plant, then distribute the finished products to industrial customers in a variety of industries throughout Southcentral, Western, Northern and Interior Alaska.

We provide technical services for all of our product lines. In addition to offering lube oil seminars for larger customers, our specially trained staff offers individual consultations to ensure you match the right product with your specific equipment and operating conditions. Because lubricant choice becomes critical when temperatures drop well below zero, this technical assistance has proven to be a welcomed and essential service.


We serve a diverse cross-section of customers throughout the state from our headquarters in Anchorage? We store our lubricants in 12 indoor, 15,000-gallon tanks at the Port of Anchorage? Here they are packaged according to manufacturers' specifications, sold under the respective manufacturers' brand names and distributed throughout the state?


Petro Star Inc. Lubricants Division

P.O. Box 101199

Anchorage, AK 99510-1199

Inside the Flint Hills Terminal

1076 Ocean Dock Drive

Anchorage, AK 99501

Toll Free: 877-922-LUBE(5823)    Phone: 907-339-5440    Fax: 907-339-5448


Through our subsidiary Sourdough Fuel, we offer a large variety of packaged and bulk lubricants and fuel additives, all chosen to function in the harshest Alaskan weather.


Petro Star Inc. / Sourdough Fuel

418 Illinois Street

Fairbanks, AK 99701

Toll Free: 888-706-3835    Phone: 907-456-7798    Fax: 907-456-7616

Dutch Harbor

Petro Star Lubricants operates as North Pacific Fuel in Dutch Harbor? Here we carry a full line of lubricants, filters and numerous miscellaneous items – including spill response equipment and supplies for our marine customers?


Petro Star Inc? / North Pacific Fuel

P.O. Box 920088

Dutch Harbor, AK 99692

Physical Address:

1654 Ballyhoo Road

Dutch Harbor, AK 99692

Telephone: 907-581-1350    Fax: 907-581-1431


North Pacific Fuel in Kodiak also has a large warehouse of products to help keep the fuel flowing? From a full line of lubricating oils and filters, to small parts and fittings, our dedicated office staff is there to service all walk-in customers with whatever their needs may be?


North Pacific Fuel

P.O. Box 1487

Kodiak, Alaska 99615

Physical Address:

715 Shelikof Street

Kodiak, Alaska 99615

Phone: 907-486-3245    Fax: 907-486-3205

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