Marine Fuel

A True Friend of the Fishing Industry

Operating as North Pacific Fuel, Petro Star is proud to serve Alaska's fishing and other maritime industries with high-quality fuel, petroleum products and a variety of dockside services.

Whether in Dutch Harbor, Kodiak, Valdez, Seattle or St. Paul Island, you'll find convenient refueling facilities and a dedicated staff that is fast, efficient and committed to delivering superior service, day or night.

Dutch Harbor

Petro Star in Dutch Harbor, operating as North Pacific Fuel, covers the waterfront and beyond. Our operations at Resoff Dock, Captains Bay and Unalaska Marine Center include four marine fueling facilities, a fleet of fuel trucks for shoreside and dockside deliveries, and full services for fishing vessel offloads – including warehousing, equipment and labor rentals, and outside storage.


Petro Star Inc? / North Pacific Fuel

P.O. Box 920088

Dutch Harbor, AK 99692

Physical Address:

1654 Ballyhoo Road

Dutch Harbor, AK 99692

Telephone: 907-581-1350    Fax: 907-581-1431


To meet the various needs of the fishing industry, we offer marine fueling as well as supplies such as pumps, hoses and nozzles right from our dock. Our dock is about 200 feet long with a 40-foot fuel float. The fuel comes from our own 1.6-million-gallon storage plant on the island.


North Pacific Fuel

P.O. Box 1487

Kodiak, Alaska 99615

Physical Address:

715 Shelikof Street

Kodiak, Alaska 99615

Phone: 907-486-3245    Fax: 907-486-3205


Marine fuel customers based in Seattle can count on local customer service – including 24/7 availability. Contact our Ballard office for arranging customer services at any of our locations.


North Pacific Fuel Marketing Office

5470 Shilshole Avenue N.W., Suite 600

Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: 206-297-3835     Fax: 206-297-3433

St. Paul

North Pacific Fuel has partnered with the City of St? Paul since 1998 to provide fishing fleet services in the northern waters of the Bering Sea? By working closely with our Dutch Harbor office, St? Paul is able to provide services to the catcher vessel fleet that is looking to avoid the long run back to Dutch Harbor? With over 1 million gallons of fuel storage and a good supply of lubricants and other packaged goods, vessels are able to refuel and get right back out on the fishing grounds?

  • Jason Merculief

    Harbor Master

    T: 907-546-3140

  • Norman Bautista

    Terminal Manager

    T: 907-581-1350


St. Paul Fuel Sales (Petro Star/North Pacific Fuel)

P.O. Box 901

St. Paul Island, AK 99660

Physical Address:

101 Municipal Plaza

St. Paul Island, AK 99660

Phone: 907-546-3145     Fax: 907-546-3199


Count on us for full-service marine refueling, either dockside or via truck. Petro Star Marine operates as North Pacific Fuel in Valdez, serving the fishing and other maritime related industries.

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